Start your Boxing program in the beginners class.
We are Anti Bullying experts who demand respect and discipline from all young people.
We teach correct techniques of boxing in both Striking and Defensive exercises along with footwork, coordination, and fitness.

All Jnr and Youth Boxers will wear a uniform and will start and complete every session with a lineup.
We have a progression plan where Children can either progress to the Intermediate and Elite Jnr classes or we are more than happy to keep them in the non-contact program.
Our Jnr and Youth Program has been running since 2007 and we strive to improve the life of our Children through The Boxing Shop’s training systems

4.30-5.15pm Tuesday and Thursday
9.15-10am Saturday


After working on the basic fundamentals of our beginner programs, we will give you an Opportunity to step up to our Intermediate classes for Jnr/Youth boxers.

The Intermediate Classes include skill development and light contact training.
All participants will need the following protective equipment.

Mouthguard, Headguard, 16oz Leather Gloves, Groin Protector (Males only) Boxing Boots are an Optional Extra.
Our Intermediate program can also be a pathway through to the Elite Squad training class.

Tuesday and Thursday 4-4.45pm
Saturday 9.15-10am